tak. transparent. agile. kostefficient. radically different.

tak. – guarantees reliability and smooth supplies

With a revolutionarily new perspective focussing on global supply chain management, btv technologies gmbh is setting a strong, new and innovative impulse. tak – our transaction based logistics model reliably meets two of the most important requirements indispensable for a modern supply chain solution:

tak’s benefits at a glance

Pay only the price negotiated with your manufacturer and the individual services btv technologies gmbh provides for you – without involving any distributors, without trade margins and completely independent of the value of the goods.

The all-inclusive full-service solution by btv:

The tak model is our answer to all challenges in the field of component logistics – with guaranteed prices, a 100 % supply security and unlimited options for individual solutions and concepts.
Christian Mühlhöfer, Supply Chain Management


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