In January 2023, the new Supply Chain Due Diligence Act came into force. Now btv technologies gmbh has also published a corresponding human rights policy and is thus tackling burning issues. Let’s take a closer look at what’s behind this complicated term.

For btv technologies gmbh, the beginning of the year also marks a change in the company’s management. With Maximilian Krane as CEO and Sven Vogel as CFO, btv technologies gmbh gains outstanding managers with international experience. As the new Head of Sales, Benjamin Schmidt is already a familiar face for customers and business partners of btv technologies gmbh in Unna.

2022 was a very special year for btv technologies as we celebrated our 30th anniversary. 30 years in which btv has always been a reliable and trustworthy partner. 30 years characterized by courage, innovation and a focus on the tak model as a promising concept for a supply chain revolution in the automotive and electronics industries.

With full luggage and numerous impressions our sales team comes back from Munich this week. Here the Electronica 2022 took place from 15.11 – 18.11. Under the impression of the prevailing difficulties of component procurement and the increasing importance of a flexible logistics solution for the electronics industry.

Markt&Technik Editor-in-Chief Heinz Arnold spoke with Sascha Munsbeck, Head of Production Engineering at btv technologies, about the challenges and opportunities that long-term storage of components offers for obsolescence management.

btv Project Sales Manager Benjamin Schmidt explains the context of modern supply chain issues at the COGD in Kassel.

Extended range of various processes and procedures for targeted testing now available.

The reliable solution for supply chains in the automotive industry

Joint project of btv with “Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics”, “Institute for Production Systems” of TU Dortmund University and “Institute for Research and Transfer”.

Full site approval by the region’s leading T1 automotive suppliers was completed within the projected schedule thanks to our highly motivated team.

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