Shaping the future with innovative ideas: btv technologies gmbh sets completely new impulses in the field of supply chain management – with tak. The transaction-based business model.
The unique thing about tak: You will only pay the price individually negotiated with your manufacturer and the individual services btv technologies gmbh provides for you – without involving distributors, without trade margins and completely independent of the value of the goods.

tak – fair, modular, transparent

Significant cost savings, transparent processing, guaranteed delivery sustainability – with tak, you will gain a wealth of profitable benefits for your company. All tak services can individually be combined with each other – you will obtain, use and pay only for the services you exactly need.

Transaction-based invoicing – significantly lower costs

tak means:
·       No distortion of the purchase prices due to extra charges
·       You will only pay for the tak services ordered by you and provided by btv

Consignment stock management – delivery sustainability at the highest level

In the future, rely on an extremely high delivery sustainability and plan your production free of supply bottlenecks: btv technologies gmbh will maintain a stock individually dedicated to each customer reflecting his needs. Thus, intermediate sales to third parties are excluded – the goods contractually guaranteed will always be ready at your disposal.

Many options, customized services – you determine what you need

Another key advantage of tak is its modular structure: btv technologies gmbh can offer you additional, tailor-made services to support your supply chain. Benefit from these competences and specify the services you require, such as:
·       Point-to-point supply chain optimizing
·       Delivery sustainability
·       Value-added services (e.g. programming, assembly)
·       Consignment stock management
·       Customs clearance (AEO-F)
·       Financing

Place your trust in us as your solid partner – and benefit from transparency, reliability and experience

tak is completely new – but btv technologies gmbh is a reliable player and an internationally recognized partner: We have been offering supply chain management solutions for more than 30 years. We have established a worldwide network, deliver to every production site with guaranteed reliability and are certified according to the highest standards and norms, such as IATF 16949 and AEO-F. Our customers benefit from this in every step of our cooperation – especially with regard to reporting, which leaves no questions unanswered and provides them with up-to-date and transparent information on their inventory development at all times.

tak – your chance, your model of success

The time is ripe for new ideas, new chances and totally new perspectives.
With us, you will take a decisive step forward!
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tak - component management, radically different

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